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Kids Ceramic Painting Unit

We have introduced Kids Ceramic Painting unit – so that any child above 4-5 years can come to our Studio and do a creation of own – on any RAW Ceramic Piece, can do any carving on the piece, can paint any thing he wishes & we provide all the assistance required for the creative work, then we undertake to fire the Piece in our Kilns & give within 24 hours.Which is a historical treasure for the Child in future.May be on his wedding day!

Study Pottery

We have provided facilities to study Pottery completely - Kneading, Wedging, Grogging, Coiling, Slab building, Pottery without Pottery-wheel, Throwing with Pottery-wheel etc, etc and all the practical work involved in Pottery – specially Art Ceramic & Pottery can be defined as one system of Meditation , as pottery develops concentration in mind with nice, beautiful, harm-less thoughts.!

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seylama pottery
Mr. Sarath E.

seylama pottery
Mrs. R D Ambegoda